EVIT School of Health Sciences - Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technicians help licensed pharmacists prepare prescription medications, provide customer service and perform administrative duties in a pharmacy setting.

The first semester concentrates on basic health care concepts such as medical terminology, safety, customer service, problem solving and CPR. Students learn occupation specific skills during the second semester. 

EVIT Pharmacy Technician EVIT Pharmacy Technician EVIT Pharmacy Technician

  This rigorous academic course requires a high level of independent study while learning procedures for receiving prescription requests, counting tablets and labeling bottles, along with administrative functions such as answering phones and stocking shelves. 

Second-semester students may participate in a job shadowing experience. Students must be 18 years of age and are responsible for their own transportation to the job shadowing site.

NOTE: Students will be randomly drug tested.

EVIT + Pima Medical Institute

Once an EVIT student completes the Pharmacy Technician program, the student will have 8 earned credits available to apply towards enrollment in the PMI Health Care Administration Degree program. Students also have the opportunity to dual enroll in two online PMI courses, at no charge to the EVIT student, for 13 earned credits available to apply towards enrollment in the PMI Health Care Administration Degree program. See a PMI Health Science Education Coordinator on campus for further information.

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Course Code MC43, MC63

Prerequisites  1 Math and 1 English credit, both 'C' or better
On track to graduate or a plan for graduation
2.5 GPA or equivalent standardized test scores 
Length 2 semesters

Campus Locations EVIT Main Campus

Pharmacy Technician Certification

Certification available through the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB). Students must be 18 years of age and within 60 days of high school graduation to apply to test. For more information on the PTCB, visit www.ptcb.org. Students who successfully pass the PTCB exam can apply for a Pharmacy Technician license with the State of Arizona at pharmacy.az.gov.

Possible Careers Pharmacy Technician, Pharmacist

Average Entry Level Salary $13-$14 per hour